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Lead Changes

“I am honored and excited to share with you an idea Barb and I have to use the horse to help young people of our country become better and more responsible future leaders. Those of you who know me, know that I believe that the horse is a tool to teach young people about leadership, responsibility and life in general.” – Chris Cox

Our Mission

Our goals are aggressive. We intend to create an endowment that will allow us to purchase a property to convert it into a permanent youth camp. In addition, the endowment will provide operating funds for the camp.

As we are creating the endowment, we are accepting sponsorships to support young people to attend the Lead Changes Youth Leadership Camp.  If you choose to help with this dream, please contact us about your interest, or donate today.

Let’s Gallop Together To A Better Future – Horsemanship

Together we can change the lives of many young people in our country! I believe that horses are the path to teaching leadership and integrity to the youth and instilling important values for their individual journeys in life. I hope you agree and will contact us about your interest.

Our Organization

For the past two years, we have invited and supported young girls and boys from around the country to come to our guest ranch to participate in our youth leadership camps. The results have been extraordinary. We have had some amazing testimonies about the effect the camp has had on their lives.

As a result of these success stories, we have created Lead Changes to enable more young people to attend our leadership camps expense free. We have created a 501(C)(3) organization, and you will see our board of directors listed below. They are respected leaders who are committed to horses and the future of the youth of America.

Our Board of Directors

Dr. Jim Heird (Chairman)

Dr. Eleanor Green (Secretary)

Art Greenberg (Treasurer)

Kristen Monson  (Member)

Dr. Amy Wandel (Member)

horseback riding and Archery

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