Acquiring Life Skills Through The Horse

Established in September 2018, Lead Changes is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) corporation, organized and operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. The organization is dedicated to training young people through the use of horsemanship skills and ranch life programs. The camp provides educational programs to teach life skills, in order that they may become confident, successful leaders.

Boys Horsemanship Leadership Camp
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Girls Horsemanship Leadership Camp
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Our Commitment

Our country’s urban centers do not provide opportunities for children to learn horsemanship skills. In fact, the youth have less access to nature than ever before. Lead Changes will address this problem by providing children and youth with interactive horsemanship education led by worldwide leaders.

Our Resources

At present, Lead Changes has leased space at a working horse ranch to conduct the programs. In coming years, the organization intends to purchase a rural piece of property for a long-term program site to lead its operations. This charitable and educational activity will comprise 100% of the organization’s activities, time, and resources. Activities will be led by an independent, volunteer board of directors and staff.

Our Contributors

Funding for Lead Changes will be provided by contributions, donations from the general public, grants from corporations and foundations, and educational program fees. Individuals who cannot pay to attend the educational programs will have access to scholarship funds. All proceeds will be used for the organization’s charitable and educational purposes.

A Great Atmosphere of Inspiration and Education in Life Skills

Lead Changes will offer development and leadership programs for the youth of 11-17 age groups at a working horse ranch in Jackson, Wyoming. The youth will participate in activities including horsemanship instruction, fly fishing,  camping, cattle drives, and responsibilities related to ranch life.

The program will be led by the world-renowned horseman, Chris Cox, along with other staff, including youth counselors, instructors, and special guest speakers. The staff and activities will ensure a remarkable and memorable week of development for our future leaders. Lead Changes will provide for youth involvement, regardless of the youth’s ability to own a horse or live near a ranch.


Why Do Horses Make The Best Kind Of Friends?

Research has shown that horseback riding and horsemanship (horse care) provides numerous health and wellness benefits to individuals.

  • It develops positive character traits, including patience, discipline, understanding, and self-control.
  • It improves physical health, including cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and balance and coordination.
  • It stimulates positive psychological feelings, including increased confidence and self-esteem.
  • It develops horsemanship skills.  Caring for a horse teaches individual problem-solving skills and improves mental focus.
  • It allows a closeness to nature that provides numerous health and wellness benefits, including stronger critical thinking skills, higher cognition, and reduced stress levels.
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