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Changing Lives Through Horsemanship

From Lead Changes℠ Founder, Chris Cox:

“I am honored and excited to share with you an idea Barb and I have to use the horse to help young people of our country become better and more responsible future leaders. Those of you who know me, know that I believe that the horse is a tool to teach young people about leadership, responsibility and life in general.” – Chris Cox

Our Vision

Particularly in urban areas, youth have less access to nature than ever before. The unique experience of learning horsemanship skills from worldwide leaders in the beauty of a forested, mountain-ringed ranch has proven life-changing for so many boys and girls.

Our Mission

Lead Changes is committed to using horsemanship as a tool to equip youth with leadership skills, confidence and integrity, putting them on a better path for life.

Our Resources

At present, Lead Changes has leased space at a working horse ranch to conduct programs which include horsemanship instruction, archery, fly fishing, teepee camping, cattle drives, and responsibilities related to the care of horses and ranch life. Our goal is to continue to grow the organization, allowing us to expand our outreach to a greater number of youth. Charitable and educational activities to enrich the lives of boys and girls comprise 100% of the organization’s activities, time, and resources.

Funding for Lead Changes is provided by donations from individual and businesses and grants from corporations and foundations. Youth who cannot afford the fees to attend are encouraged to apply for scholarship funds. All proceeds are used solely for the organization’s charitable and educational purposes.

This is your opportunity to open an incredible, unforgettable door of opportunity for a child or teen whose life may be filled with hardship. Please contact us about your interest or donate today to share the great gift of camp.

Our Organization

Since the inception of Lead Changes, we have invited and supported young girls and boys from around the country to come the Triangle C Ranch outside Dubois, Wyoming to participate in our youth horsemanship and leadership camps. The results have been extraordinary. We have amazing testimonies about the impact the camp has had on their lives, including—

“Thank you for this life changing experience. I learned that you can’t always be so anxious. Just be calm and think positive”. Piper B.

“Thank you for letting me be able to go to your camp and teaching me so many things. Thank you to JT and Hanna for being the best counselors and role models. Thank you to all the staff for making me feel at home and Nancy’s amazing cooking. Thank you to all the horses, especially Hunter, for putting up with all my mistakes and teaching me that horses really do listen”. Cecilia M.

As a result of these success stories, Lead Changes was created to enable more youth to attend our leadership camps through scholarship opportunities. Lead Changes is a 501(C)(3) organization, and you can meet our board of directors. They are respected leaders who are committed to horses and the future of the youth of America.

horseback riding and Archery
horseback riding and Archery
2022 camp trip

Boys Horsemanship Leadership Camp
Summer 2024 Dates
May 26 – June 8 2024

Girls Horsemanship Leadership Camp
Summer 2024 Dates
June 9 – June 22 2024

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